Jack & Maura

Love is surprising. If it were predictable, it wouldn't be love. I am a total sap when it comes to a good love story so, hearing Maura and Jack tell me about how they met when they were little but rekindled a friendship that turned into more made my heart skip a beat.

I could tell right from the start these two were more than love birds, they were soulmates. Jack messaged me over instagram the week prior to our photoshoot and I jumped at the opportunity when he told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend Maura.

The chemistry between Maura & Jack was breathtaking. It was so beautiful to see their love for one another. To have the love translate through photos made it even more amazing. I mean I should honestly just let the photos speak for themselves.

Jack was up at base when he planned his whole scheme to propose. We made our way around the park and at the perfect timing, I gave my space for Jack to express his love for Maura. With tears in her eyes and joy in her heart, Jack took a knee and proposed to Maura in the most beautiful way.

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