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Urban Floral Maternity Photoshoot // The Yap Family

A dear friend, Laura Yap, asked me to come to Texas last summer to shoot her family photos. She is one of the most creative & caring people I know. Not to mention her husband Diyan, who in my honest opinion is one of the best dad's out there.

& their daughter Ruby. Oh Ruby. Sweet, spunky Ruby. She has my heart. Her joy is contagious and her love for listening to Disney is just hilarious.

Wanting to get my feet wet into the florist life & of course visit my dear friend Laura who was 6 months pregnant, I jumped on board to help her do flowers for a wedding. Laura runs a floral business (Mountain Laurel Floral) in Austin, TX out of her home. Her fresh funky take on foraged florals inspires the creative within. We had a total blast doing a beautiful barn wedding complete with blush colors and lots of greenery. It was a pleasure to be able to work alongside my creative sister.

Laura & I decided to integrate her floral work into her maternity session. She designed a bouquet for Ruby & herself using dried flowers and unique flowers she found in various places throughout Austin. On the day of the photoshoot, the Texas heat brought buckets of rain that reminded us of our days in Rio de Janeiro together. Being from Oregon has taught me not to fear the rain but to embrace it so once the storm began to subside we jumped in the car to head over to a location nearby and explored the surroundings to find a good spot to land. We found a urban looking loading dock that fit the style perfectly and it was a pure dream come true!

Which picture is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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