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Outfit Guide for Family Sessions

Ever wondered what to wear to a family session? I've got you covered.

Check out these amazing families who showcased their best! Here are my tips & tricks as to the best way to dress for your photoshoot:


It will give you peace of mind knowing your outfits are all prepared! You'll be less stressed the day of the session with your outfits picked out. Giving options to your kids will also help them feel settled into the pictures. Lay out all of the family's clothes so you can see how the pieces look together and so that you know you have everything for the session.


Colors don’t need to necessarily match but they should look good together. Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme. You can google image search color schemes or find a printed shirt and pull the colors from the design. Pull your colors from one piece of clothing that has multiple colors to bring everything together.


Patterns can be fun and add an element necessary to showcase the personality of your family, however if there are too many patterns in a photoshoot it can be distracting from the overall photo. It can be fun to have one pattern such as plaid, floral, stripes, etc. that ties in all of the colors. You can also pair a floral and flannel, but be mindful of not being overly busy.


Wearing all white or black can cause the camera to sometimes to lose the shirts detail as well as either absorb or reflect the light in the photo. However, feel free to use black, white, gray and add a color if patterns are not your thing. A fun way to incorporate black and white is to add denim or leather to add variety.


If you’re feeling up to it, add textures such as scarves, furry vest, or belts to add a little more to the image. Stick to one texture to not overpower - think similar to tips on limiting patterns. Adding accessories is a great way to showcase your style - keep in mind that they can make or break an outfit so add it to a simple outfit to give it that little pop.


Keep the location in mind so that your outfits coordinate with the location. Many of my favorite sessions to edit are when a family chooses colors that match the environment such as earthy neutral tones in a grassy field or a bright color that contrasts with the background.


Look at your decorations at your home and pick colors that would compliment it. Often times we can think only about what's on our Christmas cards but if you're like me - printing pictures is still in style. Since you’ll hang these photos in your home you may want to make sure the colors of your clothes compliment the colors in your house.


Stick to patterned shirts that only occur once in the article of clothing and aren't too abstract or overpowering. Avoid having any sort of large logo in the photo that is too distracting, small logos like Nike or Adidas are acceptable.


Communicate with each family member to keep in mind comfort level so that way everyone is all smiles during your session. Avoid high heels at locations that are parks and ask me whether or not you think your shoes will be a good fit with the location since sometimes the location may require going into grass, gravel or dirt.


Let your family's personality shine! If you want to do a classic look - GO FOR IT - or if you're looking to spice things up and add a theme that works well with the location - GO FOR IT! Remember it's your session so make it count!

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