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Capturing Cape Kiwanda

I love summer because it means adventure.

I always find it the most difficult to capture the most beautiful & I'm actually talking about nature. I love finding & taking pictures of beautiful moments between a mother and her children or a couple during their first glance. However, there is something about trying to take a photo of a 360 view (although I know they have those fancy schmancy cameras now). Or capturing the feeling of being surrounded by a cavern & waterfall.

Anyhow, my dear friend Eric & I hopped in my new whip last Saturday and made the trek over to Pacific City, my favorite coastal town. Complete with surfers, a massive dune & lots of tourists. Let's just say it's pure beauty there. If you haven't made it to the Oregon Coast, you're really missing out. I grew up going to Newport or Depot Bay but it wasn't until I hit college...but really moved to Brazil & back to realize the God given beauty that we call the state of Oregon.

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