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Luca's Homecoming

Spent the day with Kayla, Bryan & Baby Luca. Well you can say my heart is so full after taking time to capture the love Bryan & Kayla have for the little dude.

"My husband Bryan and I have know Tiffany for years, her warmth, joy and love for people exudes into the picture she takes. She is incredibly talented at capturing the right moments at the right time and modernizing them by the way she edits. So when the time came for us to have our son we knew exactly who we wanted to help us capture those tender moments. Her outstanding creativity and flexibility got us ALL THE RIGHT SHOTS. When we were taking our maternity pictures I was about 33 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty heavy and swollen everywhere. I just did not feel glamorous or like I should be getting my picture taken. On top of that, we were at the beach and were expecting a glorious sunny day. Anyone living in the Pacific Northwest KNOWS that you can't expect anything! We got to our destination and it was rainy, windy and gloomy..add that to my already puffy body and moody additiude I was sure that this was going to be disastrous and we would have to do it on another day when my spirits were higher, but NO! Tiffany gave me the pep talk of my life. She made me truly feel beautiful and reminded me that my swollen feet and puffy hands are such a blessing and a reminder that I'm so honored to be carrying my little bub. She made me proud to strut my flintstone feet and she used the wind to give me supermodel hair. She worked the PNW climate to truly capture where we are and made it beautiful. She made us happy to represent a state where you can't depend on a sunny day to make a picture great. That the people in them and the story they tell is that makes a great picture. You play the hand you are dealt and make it beautiful and THAT is exactly what tiffany does. She makes and finds the beauty that is right in front of her and captures it. As a mother now, I can say I am so incredibly thankful for her keen eye for finding the perfect shots. We have so many tender and special moments captured and I will never ever be able to forget those first moments of his life, when I look at these pictures Tiffany took of our son's first day, I am taken back to those sweet cherished moments and I relive them...over and over again and that is something that I will never be able to thank her enough for." - Kayla

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