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Vintage Engagement Shoot Features Gorgeous Moments

If you’ve got a taste for timeless elegance and old Hollywood glamor, this vintage engagement shoot is sure to satisfy.

Amanda and Jonathan happen to be dear friends of mine, and I’ve had the opportunity to watch their love story unfold.

It began in 2017 when they met online in Portland, Oregon. On their first date, Jonathan was drawn to Amanda’s vibrant energy, intentionality, and sense of independence. Amanda thought Jonathan was cute and noticed how kind he was to everyone he interacted with. Both of them felt an instant connection that they were excited to explore further. However, in the weeks that followed, Jonathan was presented an exciting job opportunity for him on the East Coast, causing them to part ways for a time.

But, their story was far from over.

As fate would have it, Jonathan’s job brought him back to Portland in 2018 allowing them to reconnect. After getting to know each other over the course of several months, they fell deeply in love. Their love continued to grow over the next four years, and in April of 2022, Jonathan proposed to Amanda on the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii.

As you can imagine, when Amanda asked me to shoot their engagement photos, I was over the moon with excitement!

She told me she envisioned a vintage theme that would invoke a feeling of timeless, steadfast love. After hearing this, I couldn’t wait to get started, and dove head first into planning their session. I created a shared Pinterest board where Amanda and I could gather inspiration and share ideas with each other. From there, we worked together to get everything in order for the shoot date.

When the day finally arrived, we met on Sauvie’s Island nestled beneath the hills of Forest Park, where the lovers popped a bottle of Argyle to kick things off. Between sips of champagne and fits of laughter, they slid into the backseat of a 1958 Cadillac, and for a moment, I was transported to another time.

Their vision had come to life, and what transpired in the moments that followed led to some of the most breathtaking photos I’ve ever taken.

Amanda and Jonathan’s evident connection, combined with the vintage flair of the Cadillac and their classic retro style, are what make these images so compelling.

With every couple I work with, my goal is to create moments of connection that allow their story to come to the forefront, and use my skills as a photographer to capture who they are as a couple. That’s what makes a photo truly captivating.

“I love her laugh, it's contagious. I appreciate her accessibility, approachability with others and her curiosity.” shared Jonathan about his favorite thing about Amanda.

“He is so kind and thoughtful. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Amanda said with a grin when asked about her favorite thing about Jonathan.

As a wedding photographer, I love creating emotion filled images that reflect how a couple truly interacts with each other. Engagement sessions are all about documenting moments of connection with your partner that capture the essence of your relationship – that’s where the magic is. Because of this, I aim to create a memorable experience that allows them to be themselves and feel at ease.

“I felt so comfortable the entire time. I was nervous at first but I think the champagne helped. The best part was seeing it all come together. I wouldn’t have changed anything,” Amanda explained.

“I loved the encouragement to try different poses and settings. I enjoyed having fun with it and the fluidity,” Jonathan added.

Amanda and Jonathan will tie the knot at the end of September at the Sentinel Hotel. Amanda’s advice for couples planning their wedding now is, “Have fun and get creative. If you have a crazy idea, go for it.”

Ultimately, my heart for every session is to bring a couple’s vision to life, and create a fun environment that allows them to connect, so I can fade into the background and capture those organic moments between them.

If you’re engaged and want to celebrate this special season of your life, I would love to partner with you to create unforgettable engagement photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Vendors: Photographer: Tiffany Redwing Photography

Co-written with: @meadowwritingco

Dress: Club London Shoes: Nine West Suit: Calvin Klein Car: Keith Hart Champagne: Argyle


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